google pixel slate tablet Review, Space, Price, keyboard and Release date

google pixel slate tablet

google pixel slate tablet Review, Space, Price, keyboard and Release date! Today I will share trending news which is also awaited news for the tablet lover Do you guess what is news? It is a Google Pixel Slate tablet. You are happy to know that Google has returned to the tablet market with the Google Pixel Slate, a departure from its previous ARM-powered Android tablets. This new offering features Intel processors running Chrome OS, aiming to combine portability with productivity. Please scroll down to know the key features and performance of the Pixel Slate.

What is the google pixel slate tablet

The Google Pixel Slate represents Google’s strategic move towards a different approach in the Android tablet market. By adopting Chrome OS, the company offers a device that combines the convenience of a tablet with the robustness of a desktop operating system, targeting users who value productivity and the advanced capabilities of the Chrome web browser.

google pixel slate tablet Display and Design:

Google pixel state

Google Pixel Slate has a big screen about 12.3″ IPS with a sharp 3000×2000 pixel resolution. Its Weight is 721g. The vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles make the display truly impressive. However, its size makes it less suitable for prolonged one-handed use, making it more of a laptop replacement than a couch companion.

Display  Screen size 12.3″ inches
Display resolution 3000×2000 pixel

google pixel slate tablet Space and Pricing:

Google offers a wide range of configurations and price points for the Google Pixel Slate. The base model starts at $599/£549 with a Celeron CPU, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage. The top-end version, Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD priced at $1,599/£1,549. The Pixelbook Pen, an optional accessory priced at $100, allows for stylus input.

 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage Price $599/£549 (Approximately)
 16GB RAM, and 256GB storage Price $1599/£1549 (Approximately)

google pixel slate tablet Stylus Review and Software:

While the Google Pixel Slate offers a stylus experience with the Pixelbook Pen, it falls short compared to competitors like the Apple Pencil or Galaxy S Pen. The lack of a stylus holster makes carrying it around inconvenient, and there is noticeable lag during use, limiting its usability for fast strokes. On the software side, Chrome OS delivers a familiar experience with the full Chrome browser and support for Android apps, providing decent fluidity and a robust windowing system.

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google pixel slate tablet Connectivity and Accessories:

Google pixel state Equipped with two USB-C ports, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, the Pixel Slate lacks cellular connectivity and a 3.5mm audio jack. Users must rely on USB-C or wireless headphones for audio. Notably, the tablet supports a detachable keyboard, providing a comfortable typing experience that is essential for productivity. The keyboard, priced separately, attaches firmly to the tablet.


The Google Pixel Slate targets users who desire a middle ground between the limited, yet smooth, Android experience and the versatile, Windows ecosystem. It competes with devices like the iPad Pro and Surface Pro, depending on users’ preferences for Google services or Windows flexibility. While the Pixel Slate offers an impressive display and a highly functional keyboard, its stylus experience leaves room for improvement. So guys this is the article. If you think any missing information please comments. Thank you.

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