Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022! Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Here you find all kinds of trains like all districts. Today we share the train schedule of Dhaka to Joydebpur and also train ticket prices. It’s about 33km from Dhaka to joydebpur station. So, it’s a little distance and you easily go on their intercity or mail express train. day by day increasing train like a metro train, patal train service. So you can easily go outside from Dhaka quickly with your important matter by train service.

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule:

Every day there are two types of a train going to Dhaka to Joydebpur. It is a Mail train and intercity train service. Mail train is only Dhaka to joydebpur but intercity train go to Joydebpur and other districts. If you visit intercity train Dhaka to Joydebpur you collect monthly ticket service or regularly journey you have to buy standing ticket services. Mail train you can go sitting services every day.

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Dhaka to Joydebpur Intercity Train Schedule:

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Chitra Express (764) Monday 19:00 20:00
Dhomkato Express (769) Saturday 06:00 07:01
Drutajan Express (757) Wednesday 20:00 21:05
Ekota Express (705) Tuesday 10:00 11:05
Hawr Express (777) Thursday 23:50 00:49
Jamuna Express (745) No 16:40 17:55
Lalmoni Express (751) Friday 22:10 23:15
Nilshagar Express (765) Monday 08:00 09:17
Padma Express (759) Tuesday 23:10 00:08
Silk City Express (753) Sunday 14:40 15:50
Sirajgonj Express (776) Saturday 17:00 18:15
Sundarban Express (726) Wednesday 06:20 07:25

Dhaka to Joydebpur Mail Train Schedule:

Please check out dhaka to Joydebpur main train Schedule

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohua Commuter (43) No 20:07 21:25
Dewangonj Commuter (47) No 17:45 19:15
Balaka Express (49) No 16:18 17:25
Jamalpur Commuter (51) No 10:10 11:15
Vawal Express (55) No 09:42 11:35
Joydebpur Commuter -2 Friday 10:45 12:00
Joydebpur Commuter-4 Friday 15:20 17:10
Turag Express-2 Friday 07:30 08:45
Turag Express-4 Friday 19:10 20:30

Joydebpur to Dhaka  intercity and mail train Schedule 2022:

Train Name Off Day Departure (Joydebpur) Arrival (Dhaka)
Balaka Express No 16:19 17:40
Chitra Express Monday 17:01 PM 17:55
Dewangonj Commuter No 17:45 19:15
Dhumkato Express Friday 3:43 4:45
Drutajan Express Wednesday 18:00 18:55
Ekota Express Monday 7:00 8:10
Hawr Express Thursday 12:43 13:50
Jamalpur Commuter No 10:16 11:15
Jamuna Express No 6:22 7:45
Lalmoni Express Friday 18:52 PM 19:55 PM
Mohua Commuter No 20:05 21:10
Nilshagar Express Sunday 4:30 5:30
Padma Express Tuesday 20:40 21:40
SilkCity Express Sunday 12:30 13:30
Sirajgonj Express Saturday 18:02 PM 21:30
Sundarban Express Tuesday 6:02 7:00
Turag Express Friday 7:15 8:30
Turag Express Friday 19:25 20:55
Vawal Express No 9:39 12:05
Tangail Commuter-1 Friday 8:28 9:40
Kaliakoire Express-1 No 17:29 18:40

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Ticket Price:

Basically train ticket price depends on distance and also facility.

Seat Classes variant price list Ticket Price (15% VAT) included
Shuvon seat fare 45 Taka
Shuvon Chair fare 50 Taka
First Seat fare 90 Taka
First Birth fare 110 Taka
Snigdha fare 115 Taka
AC Seat fare  127 Taka
AC Birth fare 150 Taka

Final word: Train journey is always safe journey.  Dhaka is a big city. You always attack by traffic jam. So Train is batter journey of all travel services. It can safe your both time and  life. So i suggest you always journey by train if possible. If any more information to know please comments.

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