how to check official phone by Using BTRC IMEI Number!

how to check official phone by Using BTRC IMEI Number! Hi Guys. Today we will share the steps on how to check Your phone Official or Unofficial. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has decided there is no phone use without Entry of BTRC database. These rules maintain after 01 August 2019. If anybody buys any Phone without maintain this rules or Registration then BTRC will take the necessary action of that phone will be closed to all telecom networks by NEIR.

How to check IMEI From BTRC:

Now I will show the steps how to Check IMEI Unique Number on your new or Old Handset. You must follow the system when you buy any handset. Its notify you that your phone was imported legally or Illegally. When you found your handset on BTRC database then it is confirmed that your phone is legally imported. Now come to the Steps.

At first i will show how to find 15 disit IMEI number on your device.

1. Please Go to the dial option on your device.
2. Next Step Dial *#06#
3. Then you will get 15 disit IMEI numbers on your Screen.

Next Check the process IMEI Number On the BTRC database
1. At First Go to the message Option on your handset or device.
2. When text box open then type KDY>15 digit IMEI Number
3. Then Send SMS 16002
4. Then with an moment you will get return SMS.

Example: 1.KDY 125658963478924

                  2. Then Send 16002

how to check official phone

If you seen your phone Found in the BRTC database then it is confirmed this device imported legally otherwise it is illegal. After three month your phone will be disable by NEIR all telecom networks. So, be careful to buy a new Phone.


Notice For Illegal Handset By BTRC:

BTRC Published Notice On 30 July 2019. After 01 August 2019  all imported mobile will be block all network if their mobile will not found in their database. BTRC Straightly follow their rules because they losses big amount Tax on imported Illegal phone yearly. So, they decide After 01 Aug 2019 never use Illegal phone. But who bought Before 01 aug 2019 their phone will be worked. Its big advantage who has bought before 01 Aug 2019. So. when you buy an upcoming phone please check the IMEI information.

how to check official phone


1.How Can I Cheek Phone Official Or Unofficial

Ans. Type KDY> SPACE> 15disit number send 16002

2. How can i find IMEI number?

Ans: Dial *#06#


Thank you, everyone, to visit my website today article was how to Check phone Official or Unofficial. I have described details in my article. I think its very good decision by BTRC. By this process all Illegal phone will be band  and also crime will be vanished. So thanks BTRC  and Thanks Everyone.

Official Website: BTRC

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