Sony Experia Z10 Curve Review, Space, Official Look, Release Date & Price

That’s a piece of good news for mobile lovers especially the sony brand. Sony is an old brand but Always gives us a very comfortable product us. At the same time, they are going to release a new upcoming flagship handset that is Sony Xperia Z10 Curve.

Sony Xperia Z10 Curve Specification:

It’s very surprising that it has big space to save your files and data. It has 128GB/256Gb/500GB onboard storage. You can store downloading items example movies, dramas, songs, games, Apps important data as you need. So, I think it gives big relief to data saving. It offers 10Gb/12GB/16GB RAM. It helps the mobile run fast. RAM is an important issue for any mobile. From that side it big relief. Thank you Sony brand.

Sony Xperia Z10 Curve Display:

It quite releasing very comfortable and good-looking display offers. It has 6.7 inches OLED capacitive touch screen 16M color display. These display pictures also HD quality. It is also covered with protection that is Corning Gorilla Glass 7. So, protection is very clear and your mind is fully satisfied by this massive display.

Sony Xperia Z10 Curve Camera:

The camera is a very popular item at the present time. I think Sony Xperia Z10 is fully supported by this site. It has a rear four Camera set up in this device. One is 48MP primary lens + 12MP secondary lens + 12MP ultra-wide sensor + 5MP back camera. Another important issue front camera. It has a 24MP front camera set up which is very helpful for selfies and video recording. You must this camera for professional photography. I think quite big help and good quality picture you get.

Sony Xperia Z10 Curve Features:

Now another important issue is the processor. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset as the processor. It is obviously a good brand processor. It Operating system is also updated. Tech giant use this mobile platform android 12 Operating system which helps to device run fast.

6000mAh Battery set up this mobile platform. It is a high-performance battery. One-time charge and use a long time. The fast-charging system also includes here. It is about 38W which is needed to charge very quickly.
There is includes all the connectivity such as Bluetooth connection, Wifi connection, Hotspot, GPRS/ LTE/HSPA+, 5G network etc.
For the best security purpose its included Finger Option, Face Id, Proximity, Accelerometer, Compass etc.

Sony Experia Z10 Curve Release Date & Price:

Obviously, it is a surprise issue we are getting a massive device as early as possible Actual price. But we know that by the expert it may be released December 2021 and the price may be $ 699 which is Indian rupees 50,900 Rs.
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