Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule and Ticket Price (Update)

Dhaka to Kolkata is amazing connectivity of Two countries about Bangladesh and India. It is easy to connect for Train route service and air services. Today I will share Dhaka to Kolkata train Service. I think you are happy to learn that one and only one train continue this route that is Maitree Express. At the same time it is important news that in  everyday go from Dhaka to Kolkata and Kolkata to Dhaka. Only one day is off train service that is Thursday.

 You know that about 538Km From Dhaka to Kolkata distance almost 10 to 12 hours you need to go your destina tion.You will collect your train ticket before 30 days. So I will advice you if you go to by train in Dhaka to Kolkat a you buy ticket about 15 days before because it is only one train service. So if you try to buy ticket before 5 or 6 days  i think you will fail to buy ticket.

General information:

Train  name: Maitree Expres

Purchase Ticket: Kamalar Train Station, Chittagong Train station From Bangladesh.

                             Chittapur Station From Kolkata. ( Time 9Am to 5PM).

Ticket price: 1. AC Chair class-2,500 Tk (Base Fare 1748 + 252 vat + 500 Travel Tax+ = 2500 Tk

                        2. First Class Cabin- 3,400 Tk (Base Fare 2522 + 378 vat + 500 Travel Tax+ = 3400 Tk

Distance: about 538km Dhaka to Kolkata.

Journey  time: About 10 to 12 hours ( including immigration)

Needed:  Passport and Visa  

Baggage: About 30kg without paid more 1kg you have to pay 2 doller upto 5okg more than you will 10 dollers per kg.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule:

Station Start Point Leave (Dhaka time) Days Train No
Dhaka Cantonment 8:15 Am Friday 3107
8:15 Am Saturday 3110
8:15 Am Sunday 3107
8:15 Am Wednesday 3110

Kolkata to Dhaka Train Schedule:

Station Start Point Leave (Kolkata time) Days Train No
Kolkata Chittapur Station 7:10 Am Friday 3109
7:10 Am Saturday 3108
7:10 Am Monday 3108
7:10 Am Tuesday 3109

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Seat Capacity:

Seat capacity

Dhaka to Kolkata All Stopage Station:

Now I will show all Stoppage station and immigration time table in the below: You know BST means Bangladesh Station time and IST means Indian Station Time.

all Station

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Tracing policy:

  1. Go to your mobile SMS Option
  2. Type Tr> Space> Train No. or Tr> Space > Train name
  3. Send SMS 16318
  4. Immediate you see the location by returned SMS.
  5. SMS charge will 4taka + Vat

Dhaka to Kolkata Train ticket Price:

There is an interesting matter is that there is no online ticket train ticket. If you  buy Dhaka to Kolkata ticket you must go on specific station. For Bangladeshi you go to two station one is Dhaka Kamalapur and other is Chittagong and time is 9Am to 5Pm. For Kolkata you must go to Chittapur station to buy ticket. For ticket you must take a from on the specific station and fill the form and also submit the from then you will take a ticket.

Dhaka to kolkata ticket price

Final Words:

Its very good news for Bangladeshi and Kolkata people. Both are easily go to Dhaka to Kolkata with low cost price for Train route permit. I think this topic helpful those who search Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule and ticket price. Thank you read this article. Please comments for more information.

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