Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Every day a large number of people come to Dhaka in different reasons. They come to Dhaka by different vehicles and their first choice is Train because Its a safe journey and they feel comfortable from other vehicles. Today we will share Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule and ticket Price. There is 343 km distance from Dhaka. Here you find all information up-to-date recovered by the Bangladesh Railway. I think About 5 to 6 hours to go by train on Dhaka to Rajshahi.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule:

There are four intercity trains go to Dhaka to Rajshahi without holyday. Look at the below table and this is time schedule. To have a safe journey you must follow the schedule. You also buy ticket by online before five days. In this time you must need NID card. The Railway website is Bangladesh Railway E- Ticket Services.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule:

Aonther important think you have to need ticket by Rajshahi to Dhaka Train  This time  you also buy ticket on Rajshahi Rayway station or online e-ticket service from Bangladesh railway.

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik9nO5vL27s

Dhaka to Rajshahi all Train Substation:

Silkcity Express  Banalata Express  Padma Express  Dhumketu Express
Kamalapur – 2:40PM Kamalapur – 1:15PM Dha Cantonment – 11:10AM Kamalapur – 6:0AM
Dhaka airport – 3:12PM Dhaka airport – 1:47PM Dhaka airport – 11: 42AM Dhaka airport – 6:32AM
Joydevpur – 3:50PM Rajshahi – 6:00PM Joydevpur – 12:08PM Joydevpur – 5:57AM
Mirzapur – 4:33PM
Tanglail _ 5:03PM Tanglail _ 1:06PM Tanglail _ 8:00AM
BB Setu east – 5:35PM BB Setu east – 1:36PM BB Setu east – 8:29AM
SH M Monsur Ali – 6:06PM SH M Monsur Ali – 2:05PM SH M Monsur Ali – 9:00AM
Jamtail – 6:18PM Jamtail – 9:09AM
Ullapara – 6:40PM Ullapara – 2:26PM Ullapara – 9:33AM
Boral Bridge – 7:02PM Boral Bridge – 2:54PM Boral Bridge – 9:56AM
Chatmohor- 7:15PM Chatmohor- 3:06PM Chatmohor- 10:07AM
Ishurdi Bypass – 7:38PM Ishurdi Bypass – 3:30PM Ishurdi Bypass – 10:34AM
Abdulpur – 7:54PM Abdulpur – 3:45PM Abdulpur – 10:47AM
Rajshahi – 8:45PM Rajshahi – 4:40PM Rajshahi – 11:40AM

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price:

Four intercity train Total ticket price

  1. Shovon Chair ————– 340/=
  2. Snigdha           ————– 570/=
  3. AC Seat           ————– 680/=
  4. AC Berth         ————– 1020/=

Now we will show the list of Ticket Price in Substation

Destinations Shovon Chair Snigdha AC Seat AC Berth
Jadavpur 50/= 100/= 110/= 130/=
Tangail 115/= 190/= 230/= 345/=
East of Bangabandhu Bridge 135/= 225/= 270/= 405/=
Shaheed M. Mansur Ali 225/= 375/= 450/= 670/=
Jamtail 230/= 385/= 460/= 690/=
Ullapara 245/= 405/= 485/= 725/=
Borał bridge 265/= 435/= 525/= 785/=
Chatmohar 270/= 450/= 540/= 810/=
Ishourdi Bypass 290/= 485/= 580/= 870/=
Rajshahi / Abdulpur 340/= 570/= 680/= 1020/

Final Word:

This article is about Dhaka to Rajshahi Train schedule and ticket price. I think its very helpful for such people who always journey with train. Thank you read my article. see you next another schedule of train journey. more information please comments.

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