How To Get Emergency Balance In Airtel

How To Get Emergency Balance In Airtel! We know that airtel Telecom is the most popular and leading-edge mobile operating company in Bangladesh. Its popularity increased day by day for its hassle-free network support and all low price services. Of all services Get Emergency balance is favorite for the customers. They get this service when they have no way to load their balance. They get this service only by dialing *141#. So its become tension free and very happy to customers such service which provides by the airtel telecom company. In this post, I will show how to get an emergency balance by using the USSD code.

Emergency Balance Code Process:

For Emergency balance You have must follow the steps which i will given below.

First step

You must have dial *141# to credit balance

Second step

You must checked by dial *778# or *1#

Details About Airtel Emergency Balance:

It is provided by airtel telecom company only need for emergency. Its big benefited both airtel sim Operator company or users. Users get the emergency balance to their emergency needs and Sim operator company gets some interest by this provide. You will get  emergency loan 10tk to 100tk by dial *141#. 

Emergency balance table:

Amount details  Services fee tk.  Total Price
Loan 12 TK 2.67 14.67
Loan 15 TK 2.67 17.67
Loan 22 TK 2.67 24.67
Loan 25 TK 2.67 27.67
Loan 32 TK 2.67 34.67
Loan 50 TK 2.67 52.67
Loan 100 TK 2.67 102.67

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Emergency Balance Code terms and condition:

There are some terms and condition to take this emergency balance. You will follow this rules.

  1. To get emergency balance you dial *141#
  2. Next recharge deducted the loan balance.
  3. each emergency balance must paid service charge.
  4. at any time it will be payable.
  5. Each load included with Vat, SD, SC charge
  6. all the balance checking you must dial *778# or *1#

Details About Airtel Emergency Minutes:

To take emergency loan minutes dial *141#

Table of loan minutes:

amount loan minutes  Validity of minutes
5 Tk 5 4 hours
8 Tk 10 5 hours
13 Tk 15 16 hours
20 Tk 25 24 hours
26 Tk 35 24 hours
36 Tk 50 2 days
53 Tk 75 7 days

Airtel Emergency Internet:

If you have need emergency internet balance dial *141#

Internet Data Loan  BDT Price Validity
70 MB TK. 14.67 3 Days
300 MB TK. 25 3 Days

Final word: Thank everyone to visit my website and read my article about how to get emergency balance, minutes and internet. To know more information please keep with us. Please share your experience.

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