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Hello? You know Bookmarking is an easy way to save links and websites that you want to come back to later. In this article, we have provided you with the Top 10 bookmarking Sites along with their features.

Introduction: Bookmarking is a great way to save web pages that are interesting or useful to you. It can also be a great way to organize and find your favorite websites. This article will go through the top 10 bookmarking sites, which I use myself and think are the best sites for bookmarks. In this post, I’ll be listing the best and free bookmarking sites, so you can share great links and find other awesome resources with ease. 

What is bookmarking?

 Bookmarking is a way of keeping important information, like important dates, phone numbers, recipes and anything else you need to remember. It is the digital version of a scrapbook. You can have as many bookmarks as you want, and each one can have its own URL (a web address) so you can link to it from anywhere. You can access all your bookmarks by going to ‘Bookmarks’ at the top of your browser, on any computer or mobile device. If you want to find out more about bookmarks, go to and type ‘What is a bookmark?’ in the search bar. Or try typing ‘bookmark’ into a search engine.

Why Use Bookmarking Sites?

Bookmarking sites provide a great way to save information online without losing it in the face of updates, website changes, or the need to delete pages. The most important thing to consider when bookmarking sites is the quality of their information and the usability of their website. If you find it hard to remember where you saved the page, then it’s best to use a bookmarking site.

Top 10 Bookmarking Sites

1. Facebook

2. Linkedin

3. Stumble upon

4. Digg


6. Twitter

7. Google+

8. Pinterest

9. Reddit

10. Tumbir

Now I will talk to the details in below?

Face book:

Facebook has become a huge part of people’s lives. If you want to reach your target audience, it’s best to use Facebook. This isn’t a good idea. Facebook is a social network, not a media company. While we’ve come to rely on the newsfeed to deliver updates, it’s more of a passive experience. It’s not always a good use of time. And remember, people’s time is valuable, too. If you’re going to spend your time on a social network, it better be something that you can’t live without.

 After launching in February 2004, Facebook became an immediate success. The site was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz. The site began attracting college students at universities including Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California, Berkeley. The site’s user base increased rapidly. By December 2006, there were 400 million registered users on Facebook, and the company stated that this number was increasing by more than 100 million each month. In April 2007, Facebook reached 1 billion active users and in June 2009 it was announced that the total user base had grown to 2.16 billion. On September 21, 2011, Facebook announced that it had reached 3 billion active users. Day by day increasing the users.


What is Linkedin? The short answer: A professional network! LinkedIn was founded in 2003. The platform is a professional networking site used to connect job seekers and companies. Since its inception, the company has grown to over 300 million active users. It was first introduced to the market in 2003, and was originally known as “Coffee Meets Bagel.” The founders of the company were both professional networkers, and wanted to create a site for professionals to meet.

  You should be able to see the people you’re trying to reach, what they do, and who else they know. If you don’t already have a company page, you can request one at

In addition to a website, social media accounts, and search engine optimization (SEO), Linkedin is an essential part of any business’ digital marketing plan. Linkedin is the top social networking site for job seekers and businesses alike, and is the most used social media site by recruiters. Having a well-curated LinkedIn profile is essential to your business, and we can help you create a professional and engaging profile that highlights your personal brand and business.

Stumble upon:

StumbleUpon is a social sharing website, but it’s also a very powerful search engine. People share what they like, which creates a vast community of people who like the same things as you. If you’re a blogger, you can search through the StumbleUpon community and find other bloggers who’ve shared the same posts you have. And there’s always someone out there who’s interested in the same things you are. The second persuasion principle we’re sharing today is one we stumbled upon in the process of researching our book, “Ecommerce.” It’s called “Stumble Upon.” The idea behind Stumble Upon is pretty simple: share interesting content and let the Internet users find it on their own. As with all social media, you can also add your own content to the mix. We’ve found that putting your website URL in a tweet or Instagram post increases your chances of being found there by users. You should probably be on Stumble Upon too, so that you’re seen by the right audience.


Digg is one of the world’s most popular social news sites. Started in 2004, Digg users were able to share stories from around the web to the site’s front page. Over time, stories from less well-known sources (such as small businesses) are pushed out and those from major media sources get more attention.

What are people doing right now?

Digg is a great example of how to use a social network to sell something. Digg’s founder Jack Rose asked users what they wanted to read on his site and used that data to create an algorithm that recommended content. In this case, it was a good idea because the algorithm didn’t just recommend a popular article, but also a “social” article.

When you create a viral hit, you’re doing something different than other marketers. But at the same time, your strategy can be the same. In the case of Digg, the founders realized that they needed to create content people liked, and then they had to find ways to spread that content through word of mouth. This is a great example of social media marketing: creating a hit and then building on that.

At the end of 2011, the founder of was having trouble selling his app to potential investors. He was ready to pull the plug on his project, but one of his friends suggested he give a talk on a topic that was close to his heart. The idea was to create a presentation on how his app would help him run a race in five months. In the end, he decided to give a talk on the subject and asked all of his followers on Twitter to send him links to other articles that addressed the same topic.The site lets you choose from different templates and even provides a few free ones, so it’s easy to get started. There are several different ways to create an account, but the best is to start off with a Facebook account. is very easy to use and offers a lot of control over how your product will look. The site also makes it easy to add social sharing buttons, such as buttons to share on Twitter or Pinterest. You can easily adjust the product’s look on the fly as you go along.
I like the idea behind You give people a link to a story and they can contribute by answering questions. When the author finds a great question, the answers can be used in the post.


Twitter is the world’s largest social media platform with more than 300 million active users. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, both of whom were graduates of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The goal was to create a “microblogging” service similar to Friendster, which had been around since 1999. It was named after a bird in Hawaiian.

“The most important thing to remember when starting any new social media channel is to share your content on multiple channels. You want your content to reach as many people as possible. This is why we have three main accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), but also a blog and a YouTube channel.”

While many businesses have a presence on Twitter, it’s still relatively new and most have yet to take full advantage of the platform. In fact, only 6% of B2B marketers are using Twitter, according to a report from Unmetric. That number can change if you take the initiative and share your business’s expertise through Twitter.


Google+ is Google’s social network, which is a way of saying “Facebook, but friendlier and a little less creepy.” You can use it to keep up with your friends, talk with your Google+ circle, search through your Google+ photos, and even create circles of people based on interests. It’s free to sign up for, but you’ll have to pay $50 a year to keep using it if you want access to all the same features that the paid version of Google+ provides. We will see how important Google+ is to your online presence. This social media platform, The way communities worked was similar to how a subreddit works on Reddit. Users could start discussions and share content within the community in question.


Pinterest is a visual social networking site that lets you save items you find online to a personalized board. You can then pin your board to other people’s boards and create new pins that link back to your original source. The site was founded in 2010 by Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp and launched in March of 2010.Pinterest is a great site for sharing content and ideas. It’s very visual and easy to use. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog post, Pinterest is a good place to start. You can pin images and content from other websites, from blogs, and even from your own website. And, if you pin an image that someone else has shared on Pinterest, they’ll usually follow you back.


Reddit is a social news site that encourages users to post and read stories and comments from a community of millions. The website is free to use and can be accessed from any web browser using the website’s standard URL, It has a simple design and easy navigation, making it very accessible to anyone looking for news. The homepage, which serves as the main point of entry to the website, features a stream of recent posts. In the center is the “hot” section, which is updated several times each day with the most popular posts. The right side of the page includes a “new” section, which lists new stories and comments, and a “random” tab that shows you the top five stories for the day.You can think of Reddit as a virtual town square where all kinds of people hang out and talk to each other. The subreddit community acts like a town hall where the members discuss and debate things about their interests. People on Reddit are often interested in sharing information about themselves and getting feedback from others. They might share their opinions about something in particular or simply offer support or advice to other users who may be struggling with some aspect of life. Reddit is a website that allows users to submit content to each other, called posts.

“This is the most important thing you’ll ever learn about being a great marketer.” – Eric Dezenhall


Tumblr is the largest social network for sharing photos and short text posts, which are called “blogs.” While the blog format was not originally a goal of the platform, blogs have become a mainstay on the site. By default, Tumblr allows users to post photos and other media, and includes tools to organize them into blogs and categories.We’re not going to get into why Tumblr is unique and valuable. That’s the reason the brand was acquired. And, there’s no point in trying to summarize the reason why this social media platform is valuable to the world and will continue to be so. If you’re interested, check out our Tumblr guide to learn more.


In conclusion, Bookmarking services allow visitors to easily save and share web pages that they find interesting. They are a great way to quickly and easily save web pages and build your site’s traffic.

A few of the most effective, low-cost SEO methods that I’ve discovered include:

1. Using Facebook’s free Business Manager to set up a landing page for your business

2. Using WordPress’ free web hosting to create a website, blog, or online store

3. Using Twitter’s free app to find and engage with new customers

4. Using Facebook’s free messaging app to stay in touch with your customers

5. Using Google Analytics to track the success of your website, blog, or social media marketing

6. Using Google AdWords to attract traffic and leads to your website or social media

7. Using Google’s free search advertising to attract visitors to your site

8. Using YouTube’s free video sharing platform to share your content

9. Using Blogger to share your thoughts and create a personal website

10. Using Instagram to connect with and engage with your customers

11. Using LinkedIn to connect with new contacts and generate leads

12. Using Google’s free app to create a simple, visual map of your website

13. Using Twitter’s free app to track conversations about your brand and products

14. Using a free blog service such as Medium, Tumblr, or WordPress to share your content

15. Using StumbleUpon to find new websites, blogs, and businesses

16. Using Buzzfeed to find new sources of inspiration

17. Using Google Plus to connect with other companies and brands

18. Using Pinterest to share your website or blog’s content


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