Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station : All Train Schedule (Update)

Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station : All Train Schedule (Update)! Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and in Dhaka, Kamalapur is the most important and memorable railway station. Every day there are a lot of trains are left and come from different stations with a number of passengers. This station is located north side of Dhaka city. This station is started in 1968.

There are three types of trains Continue from this central train station like
1. Intercity train
2. Mail train
3. Commuter train

Every day Through this Platform, people reach their different destinations like Mymensingh, Jessore, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Chittagong and all over the country. You know that the intercity is the best for the train journey. Mail is low-cost price journey and Commuter is use shortage distance train route.

Train route map

Intercity train Schedule from Dhaka kamalapur Railway Station:

Intercity is the luxury and all faculties you find here like Food, hygienic, Prayer room and Ace also security facility. It is a high rate journey at the same time it is so much relaxable and safe journey. For digitalization, you buy tickets online or offline. You can buy tickets through the E-Ticket service. So it’s you get relief from hassle. So take your safe journey by intercity train.

Train No. Name Departure Arrival Destination Off Day
702 Subarna Express 16:30 21:50 Chattogram Monday
704 Mohanagar Provati 7:45 14:00 Chattogram N/A
705 Ekota Express 10:10 21:00 BMSE N/A
707 Tista Express 7:30 12:40 Dewanganj Bazar Monday
709 Parabat Express 6:20 13:00 Sylhet Tuesday
712 Upakul Express 15:20 21:20 Noakhali Tuesday
717 Jayantika Express 11:15 19:00 Sylhet N/A
722 Mohanagar Express 21:20 4:50 Chattogram Sunday
726 Sundarban Express 8:15 17:40 Khulna Wednesday
735 Agnibina Express 11:00 16:45 Tarakandi N/A
737 Egaro Sindhur Provati 7:15 11:15 Kishorganj Wednesday
739 Upaban Express 20:30 5:00 Sylhet Wednesday
742 Turna Express 23:30 6:20 Chattogram N/A
743 Brahmaputra Express 18:15 23:50 Dewanganj Bazar N/A
745 Jamuna Express 16:45 22:55 Tarakandi N/A
749 Egaro Sindhur Godhuli 18:40 22:45 Kishorganj N/A
751 Lalmoni Express 21:45 7:20 Lalmonirhat Friday
753 Silk City Express 14:45 20:35 Rajshahi Sunday
757 Drutojan Express 20:00 6:10 BMSE N/A
759 Padma Express 23:00 4:30 Rajshahi Tuesday
764 Chitra Express 19:00 3:40 Khulna Monday
765 Nilsagar Express 6:40 16:00 Chilahati Monday
769 Dhumketu Express 6:00 11:40 Rajshahi Thursday
771 Rangpur Express 9:10 19:05 Rangpur Monday
773 Kalni Express 15:00 21:30 Sylhet Friday
776 Sirajganj Express 17:00 21:30 Sirajganj Saturday
777 Hawor Express 22:15 4:40 Mohonganj Wednesday
781 Kishoreganj Express 10:45 15:00 Kishoreganj Friday
788 Sonar Bangla Express 7:00 12:15 Chattogram Wednesday
789 Mohonganj Express 14:20 20:10 Mohonganj Monday
791 Banalata Express 13:30 19:30 Chapainawabganj Friday
793 Panchagar Express 22:45 8:50 BMSU N/A
796 Benapole Express 23:15 8:15 Benapole Wednesday
797 Kurigram Express 20:45 6:15 Kurigram Wednesday
802 Chattala Express 13:00 20:30 Chattogram Tuesday

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Mail train Schedule from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station:

Mail train is the  train journey for the middle class and low class people. It is also safe and secure journey. There is no traffic jam on this route. So people reach their destination within short time. Fair mainly  depend on classes. So you can buy ticket as your choice and continue your safe journey. There are 40 or more mail train left this busy railway station. Now I will show schedule of Mail train from kamalapur railway station.

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Train No. Name Departure Arrival Destination Off Day
2 Chattogram Mail 22:30 7:25 Chittagong N/A
4 Karnafuli Express 8:45 18:15 Chittagong N/A
5 Rajshahi Express 12:20 22:30 Chapainababganj N/A
9 Surma Mail 21:00 9:10 Sylhet N/A
12 Noakhali Express 19:15 4:40 Noakhali N/A
34 Titas Commuter 9:45 12:25 B. Baria N/A
36 Titas Commuter 17:45 21:30 Akhaura N/A
39 Ishakhan Express 11:30 21:25 Mymensingh N/A
43 Mahua Commuter 8:30 14:50 Mohonganj N/A
47 Dewanganj Commuter 5:40 11:40 Dewanganj Bazar N/A
49 Balaka Commuter 4:45 10:15 Jharia Jhanjail N/A
51 Jamalpur Commuter 15:40 22:15 Dewanganj Bazar N/A
55 Bhawal Express 19:35 4:20 Dewanganj Bazar N/A

Commuter train Schedule from Dhaka Railway Station:

Commuter train mostly use shortage distance for the safe time. I will suggest you always journey by tain with your family. Its feel a great journey and also hassle free journey. This is the schedule of Commuter train.

Train No. Name Departure Arrival Destination Off Day
Turag/1 Turag Express 5:00 6:00 Joydebpur Friday
Turag/3 Turag Express 17:20 18:40 Joydebpur Friday
Kaliyakoir Commuter-1 13:45 15:30 Hi-Tech City Friday
Narayanganj Commuter-2 5:30 6:15 Narayanganj Friday
Narayanganj Commuter-4 13:45 14:40 Narayanganj Friday

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Final Word:

You know that journey is not good for health but for live being we have to journey from one palce to anothe with our family or lonely. Al of journey train is the most secure and safe journey. I show you all schedule of train from kamalapur railway station. Here all types train come and go. Anything else please comments. Thank you.

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